Interview follow-up template

Ensure a positive candidate experience. Use interactive video when you send your follow-up email after the interview.

✌️ No credit card required.

Keep candidates in the loop with an interview follow-up email template that provides timely feedback, streamlines communication, and informs candidates of the the next steps.


Thank candidates for their application, give specific feedback on how they’ve performed so far, and let them know they’re moving onto the next stage in the process.


If your next step includes an assignment the candidate needs to complete, you can use the File Upload answer type, which allows candidates to upload their assignment directly to the videoask for easy tracking and review.


Why should I use interactive video for my follow-up email after the interview?

When you use interactive video in your post-interview follow-up email, you cut through the noise and immediately grab your candidate’s attention. It also helps you keep all your candidate’s assignments and data consolidated—making your job easier.

What features can I use in my interview follow-up email template?

Is the file upload answer type free?

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